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Tuition fees and the structure of education in China

China’s growing economy needs highly qualified professionals, so the current level of China’s education system meets the highest international standards: here you can study in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs, obtain required disciplines, and pursue doctoral research.

Benefits of education in China

Quality education.

In recent decades, Chinese education has made a huge step forward by completely overhauling specialized training programs. Equally important is establishing academic qualifications that are recognized by universities in almost every country in the world. Every year, the number of foreign teachers invited to projects increases, which affects the quality of education in China. Today, it is practically no different from Europe, apart from cultural and national characteristics. China’s engineering, business management, medical, economic and financial programs are highly recognized and valued worldwide.

The financial affordability of higher education. Studying and living in China is many times cheaper than in Europe or America.
Possibility to receive a scholarship or state scholarship. Talented students can rely on material state aid or alternative funds, but only if they have an excellent knowledge of Chinese (scholarships are generally not valid for English language programs).

Employment and career opportunities. Most of the world-renowned companies have offices in the Asia-Pacific region (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing), so they need experts with a high level of Chinese and in-country experience. (Source: ).

Chinese culture. Studying in China makes many impressions because it is a very diverse country. There are 56 ethnic groups living in its territory, each with their own national customs and cuisine. For many years, local students have the opportunity to learn more about the cultural characteristics of each country by immersing themselves in local tastes. Other undoubtedly are new acquaintances, fellows and friends, but also the opportunity to acquire foreign languages ​​at a high level.

The country’s top universities are located in different regions of China, proud of their history, quality of education and qualified teachers, well-known experts in various fields of knowledge. There are currently 2,000 universities and colleges in China, of which 450 accept applicants from other countries.

Studying preparatory and language schools in China

To enter university, a foreign student must demonstrate good Chinese language skills and pass the HSK test, so the training is usually preceded by a 1-2 year Chinese language course. The level of language proficiency for entry to courses is irrelevant.
The university offers summer training sessions and so-called Chinese language courses. Short-term summer courses cost less, but the level of language skills does not guarantee admission to a Chinese university.
In the second case, training costs more, but such courses provide access to the university where they operate without entrance exams. To apply, you must have a copy of your passport, several 3×4 photos. Closing dates for applications are September to late December (for spring credit) or February to late June (for autumn crediting).

Good Article review – What is really needed

Have you ever wondered what is needed to compile a good article review? Let’s dive into the notion itself and figure everything out about it from the very beginning. The scheme is not very difficult, vice versa.

Have you ever heard about the article review?

The article review is an expression of somebody’s opinion in the written form. It looks like an essay and even some people may call it a typical essay. If you want to buy a book, for example, you can read the reviews about it, whether it is worth reading and wasting the time, the same goes with movie, reviews have become a very important part of the evaluation. The article review, in general, is the representation of a critical view on something.

Typical article review usually comprises:

  • Summing up;
  • Getting acquainted with the topic described;
  • Singling out several problems;
  • Expressing critical opinion.

Several ideas before you begin writing a review

  1. Examine the subject carefully which you will be further describing. Before writing anything down look through everything, keep in mind that it is just your opinion.
  2. Put emphasis on those moments which touched you the most. If you want to highlight things that seemed most interesting to you be specific, express why did it touch you and what amazed you.
  3. Elaborate an outline just to order your thoughts. Structuring the thoughts helps a lot and saves time.

The typical scheme of writing an article review is the following:

  1. Title;
  2. Introduction;
  3. Summing up;
  4. Conclusion;
  5. Citations.

At first, you need to make up a title. Try to impress the reader, think of the most creative ways which can be interesting. You may use rhetorical questions, for example, just any means just to make your review different from hundreds.

Next is the introduction, which introduces the topic and gives some initial ideas for meditating. A good introduction is an important part because it keeps the reader’s interest to proceed the reading your review. Don’t overload it with unnecessary information, just brief facts.

While compiling the summary part pay attention to the most important moments and insights expressed in your personal understanding. It is your opinion and perception, so be straight with what you want exactly to say. Write down what impressed you most of all and why what do you think about the work. Mention also what did exactly influence on your opinion, what led you to that particular way of thinking.

Expressing the critique don’t forget to be accurate, that is how everybody can see and try to understand your way of perception and thinking. Examine what might have been better elaborated, provide your constructive arguments about what you disagree with. Before expressing your thoughts think about the significance, whether it worth to be expressed, always be polite.

The conclusion is needed to finish everything you’ve written above. Those are usually several sentences which give a total evaluation of the work. In this part of your review you express the final thoughts and close the topic.

Sometimes people use different citations just to prove their point of view. There are so many wonderful quotations which tell about the wisdom, coming from the elder generations.